Welcome to my website!

Your business is growing?  You’re super busy?

Running out of time?  Is work building up?

Feel overwhelmed and out of control?


If this sounds familiar then you’re in the right place!

I’m Fay Blakey.  I specialise in providing a range of administrative and business support services to consultants and small business owners on a virtual basis.

Accredited by CMI, ILM and CIPD I have 16 years project, client and line management experience – during which time I was also my own personal assistant.  Because I’ve worked with small businesses, I understand your needs and I have the skills to help you.

And of course, some of the best things about hiring a freelancer –

  • You don’t have to make room for me in your office or home
  • There are no employment costs such as recruitment, holiday/sick pay, pensions, etc.
  • Outsourcing your ‘to-do’ list means you’ll have plenty of time to concentrate on the parts of your business that you do enjoy

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